Swe ..



Jag tänker göra såhär : let's make the rest of my life the best of my life !! 


Resan var målet , det handlade inte så mycket om att become anything utan unbecome everything that wasnt me. 


Jag känner mig skyldig världen all min  kunskap, vill börja med att ge så får vi se vart det leder .. 


# loving what is 


2O weeks

Hi everyone ! 


20 weeks has past since I left Sweden. 

A lot has happened , I regret now that I didn't update the blog like I though I would do. For every event and tell you al about my journey. 


But im gona be honest with you guys. 

My journey has been more on the inside. 

Its so cool how my world has changed and grown bigger. 


My new new core values : 


Jag är ett stycke. Klicka här för att lägga till din egen text och redigera mig. Jag är ett jättebra ställe för dig att berätta din historia på så att dina besökare kan få veta lite mer om dig.

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Instead of tv nights..

How to stay in bondi!

 Hi 👋🏽 how are you guys? 

So here comes a little update from oz. 

it's been 9 weeks since I left Sweden, with my 1 year working holiday visa in my hand. 

I arrived in Sydney aiming for beachlife, that was my goal. I wanted to stay close to the beach.. 

I had no ide were to start and were to stay or what life would be like 

I herd from friends that bondi was cool so yeah why not.. 

Found a flat to rent 2 weeks via airbnb. 

Expensive but so nice. 

Later on I needed to move out, found a room in north bondi with this amazing wiev. Lived there for 3 weeks, and I need to tell you that those 5 weeks of my life  was the best that could ever happen. I had the change to just be with myself and my thoughts and feelings and got to know myself and some new people.. sooo much love !! 


What i realized kind a quickly was that if you wanna live close to the beach you need to eather  make money while you sleep or work 24/7 .. 

offcourse it's expensive, cuz it's a dream. I can't believe that for 9 weeks I've been here, I'm blessed to experience this lifestyle cuz it's making imprints on me. Changing my values, changing my life attitude. Yeah I can say feom

the bottom of my heart that I've changed. Developed to something better . My mind and my mindset is more relaxed and I can enjoy life more than ever before. 

I wanted to stay here longer. Didn't wanna wake up from my dream. So I grabbed my wisdom and stepped out of my comfort zone. I applied for a job as a stay in nany. We're I could live and work a couple of months. 

So here I am learning so much about myself, experience new things and meeting and getting to know new people. 

I didn't know I was good at babysit and baking pizza on Friday's .. I accturally enjoy this family life so much, fun to get inspired from others and see how you could live your life .. #beachlife #sydbey #nany ;) 


This gives me inspiration and motivation to continue to live free do what ever I dream of and I'm not afraid to try new things.. 

I'm so lucky for everything and especially back in Sweden, my salon my costumers, my staff, my friends and family..  I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys. 

Lots of love to you al ❤and remember to live your life your way .. the world needs ya!! 


Cheers 🥂 


I love to meet new people and look what I found. A girl from Sweden who with same funky interests as me , excercise and play around with the camera in the mornings .. you should check out ---> @fitbyammie 

cool and sweet girl 😘

Healing power

There's been 3 weeks since I left my hometown and my job, my friends , my circle routine 👉🏼Örjansgården👉🏼Studiobycarolin👉🏼Måbättre👉🏼Icamaxi👉🏼Repeat 


.. well my world is bigger than that and here I am in a different time zone living a totally different life and I'm still the same Carolin. But I have opened up. My eyes, ears, hart and yes al of it , facing fear and steping so far out of your comfort zone. 

And I love it .. this is healing power and I have a conversation with myself saying : yes you bad ass girl just so it , no matter what others say or wants you to do . Go your own way and be proud! 

I'm still me, up early powewalking and then outdoor gym. Do it until it becomes a habit and never stop no matter we're you are. Now it's a part of who I am and I love myself for it ❤

Welcome to my house 😎

Life is a style

Mango,  asparagus and salmon salad.. 


I really enjoy food. I love to eat clean and mix fruits and veggies and try different combinations. This one was just delicious.


I'm gonna move to a new room 5 January. I was there today for an inspection and we'll guys my eyes died a little. It was like taken straight from my dreams. I got the beach wiev and al the way to opera house and the bridge, I'll show you later.


Today's goal : 

meditate for an hour

relive and let go of internal stress 

- helthy food and workout helps 👍🏼


#8am bondibeach


Wao. This is real and this is life 🙏🏼 

- You know your in charge if your own life.


Every decision I've ever made in my life was from asking myself - are you happy? , is this what you want? 


Life is to short to spend unhappy, dream bigger and be who you truly are, live free and do crazy stuff .. 


Like the ink upon my skin. One big decision for life and no regrets, be brave and decorate your life with your own true colors.


inlove with the nature over here 🌴☀️🌊

Happy new year

What's not better than for filling more dreams? Learn how to surf 🏄🏻‍♀️ 


Surf lesion with Caio from Brazil 🇧🇷

Manley beach freshwater 



This is me I'm nobody else than me, and spending newyears on a surfboard was the best story of my life . Cheers to al my loved once ❤

#bondigym abs/legs

Power in objects ?!


" it's al just an illusion " when the money , fame and title disappears. Ego-force is lost.. 


Kill the ego and start live in present and awareness.. 


enlighted by meditation and silence 



You are not a slave to your mind..


maybe be a year ago I " hit the breaks " . I don't know what it was that made me realize that I was salving posiones thoughts  that hade made me feel bad and led to me reacting upon them. 


I started to se patterns in my behavior and became more mindful about my thoughts and feelings. 


What  happened was that I became aware.


Now that I'm more aware I can live my life with more joy and less fear, less stress. I choose more, I'm free.. 


When I listen to the voice within every changes. This is my life, my jurney and I'm not slaving,  l don't do what others expect from

me or those thoughts crossing my mind. I'm guided from

hart and soul. That's my home and that's where I want to live  😉

Inspo 2.0

#bondibeach #australia #outdoorgym #fun #inspo

Day 2

Hi friends ! 

My no 1 interest right now is fitness and personal development. I have a saying to life .. - what is money if you don't have health? What is health if you're not friends with yourself? 

If you ask yourself . Are you happy right know? 


There re is no one else doing it for you. You need to make your own decisions and I've learns that keeping your own promises to yourself is the best energy in life.. 


have you tried? 


Don't  waste your time steeling other people's energy by thinking and spikin about them. 


Fokus on your own body and soul and you'll see a bit of magic 👌🏼 



Godmorgon Sydney

Goals to be taned at Bondi beach , day 1 ..

Lunch today was amzing.  Real energy from the sun makes food so tasty ☀️

Vad jag gör på julafon :) #dohaairport #bravesoul

Leaving everything I know for everything I don't know


Hi there world.. I'm a girl, yeah you can tell by my video .. I'm a blond  25 y old, Swedish born and raised in a country "Jantelagen" it's  a Swedish word and no don't google it , I'm here to tell you about my life and my story. 


So come on and follow me. I will be jumping back and forth , up and down try to inspire , make u reflect and maybe give you new enlightenments or just create a little mess in your mind.. share my point of wiev and give you access to my story totally uncensored