About me

Hi there world.. I'm a girl, I'm a blond  25 y old, Swedish born and raised in a country "Jantelagen" it's  a Swedish word and no don't google it , I'm here to tell you about my life and my story. 


So come on and follow me. I will be jumping back and forth , up and down try to inspire , make u reflect and maybe give you new enlightenments or just create a little mess in your mind.. share my point of wiev and give you access to my story totally uncensored.


Im now travelin Australia were I´m flying out of my comfortzone .


Back in sweden i run my own company, a beautysalon called : Studiobycarolin

You should deff go there and Lisa my soul sister will take care of you and make you fab -----> http://studiobycarolin.se 

Insta , snap .. We got it al.. Don´t miss us .


Give in, give up or give al u got